Pressure Washer, 2500W, 195bar
Pressure Washer, 2500W, 195bar
Pressure Washer, 2500W, 195bar

Pressure Washer, 2500W, 195bar

Stock No: 98679

Powered by an induction motor, this pressure washer is perfect for trade use. The brushless motor means the machine has better longevity, is more efficient and requires less maintenance. This washer features a carry handle and large wheels, which make it easy to manoeuvre. The 8m high pressure, steel armoured hose and the stainless steel lance ensure this machine is robust enough to withstand regular use on site. The hose is conveniently stored on an integrated reel with a winding handle, making this washer tidier and safer when not in use. The total stop device is designed to save water, thus prolonging the life of both the pump and the motor. Included in the kit is a patio cleaning attachment with a pivoting joint that facilitates use on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.


The Draper range is our standard Draper product, suitable for trades and the enthusiast. Manufactured with quality in mind and comes with our guarantee.

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VAT rated at: 20.00 %

Wattage: 2500
Working pressure (+/-10%): 1885psi (130bar)
Max pressure (+/-10%): 2828psi (195bar)
Working flow (+/-10%): 6.7l/min
Max flow (+/-10%): 8.0l/min
Hose length: 8m
Cable length: 5m
Weight: 25kg

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Pressure Washer, 2500W, 195bar

NEW Pressure Washer Snow Foam for 98678 & 98679

Designed to fit the new Draper range of pressure washers, this attachment will enable oil and greasy dirt to be removed effortlessly by creating a clinging ‘snow’ foam from any goo... more

Stock No 01827 Part No. APW2100I/110DA1


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