Barrel and Drum Pumps

A host of liquids including chemicals, oils and greases are delivered in containers. These barrels and drums come in varying sizes from 50L, 100L and 200 Litre drums. To maximize the extraction of the fluids in the drums, it’s advised that barrel pumps be used. Barrel pumps empty the containers safely and to ensure compatibility with the fluids being handled are available in a variety of different materials, including plastic and metal and have a multitude of specialist seals to suit the liquid being transferred. Lever, siphon and rotary mechanism barrel pumps are available, so there’s something for all situations and liquid viscosities.

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High Flow Rotary Hand Pump

High output, geared rotary pump suitable for low viscosity and non-corrosive fluids such as diesel, oil and anti-freeze from 205L drums. 1L of liquid dispensed per handle revolution. Constructed fro... more

Stock No: 22265 Part No: RP-2 View more
Gear Oil Pump

A universal gear oil pump, suitable for use with most 20 and 25-litre gear oil drums. Used for pumping gear oil and other lubricating oils with similar high viscosity at a pump rate of 130ml pe... more

Stock No: 90141 Part No: GOP1 View more
Plastic Lever Pump

Lever pump fitted with Viton° seals with anti-siphon valve. Capable of delivering a maximum flow of 500ml per stroke. Designed for use with AdBlue°, non-aggresive liquids eg: detergents... more

Stock No: 13381 Part No: PLP View more
Chemical Drum Pump

Self-priming vertical lift pump for use with a variety of liquids including thinners, acetone, anti-freeze, detergents, glycerine, weedkiller, water and mild acids. Plunger rod is stainless steel wit... more

Stock No: 43967 Part No: NCDP1 View more
Lever Action Barrel Pump

For use with steel barrels capacity 100 to 205L maximum. Aluminium diecast head and bung nut with zinc plated curved discharge spout 19.5mm diameter and lever handle. The telescopic suction tub... more

Stock No: 47808 Part No: BP/G View more
Siphon Drum Pump

Simple pump action siphon transfers liquids to lower levels than the pump's installation height. Capable of delivering a maximum flow of 22L per minute, it is designed for use with water-based liquid... more

Stock No: 13420 Part No: WBSDP View more
AdBlue® Barrel Adaptor

Stock No: 36180 Part No: P-ADP View more


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