Bearing Tools

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Bearing, Seal and Bush Insertion/Extraction Kit (27 Piece)

Expert Quality, for the accurate and controlled insertion/removal of normal bearings, silent bearings, hydraulic bearings, rubber bearings, bearing bushes, shaft seals etc. Comprises 22 adaptor ring... more

Stock No: 59123 Part No: BPK27 View more
Universal Press Block

Universal Press Support. Providing an adjustable and stable support base, ideal for removing bearings and bushes and for vehicle hubs and other complicated shapes. The threaded holes enable th... more

Stock No: 85656 Part No: UPB View more
Long Reach Hook and Pick Set (6 Piece)

Designed to ease the removal of 'O' rings, split pins, seals and bushes in various automotive and engineering applications. The stainless steel 240mm blades are hardened and tempered. Display packed.... more

Stock No: 51764 Part No: LPH SET View more


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