Staplers and Tackers

Our range of stapling, tacking and nailing tools cater for all levels of use. Whether tacking cables, reupholstering furniture, felting a shed roof or just stapling paper together we provide a stapler for the job.
Like other tools, staplers/tackers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each has a specific use. For instance our heavy-duty gun tacker has an adjustable power control, enabling it to be used in multiple situations, while our hammer tacker is so robust, it can be used as a hammer to drive home protruding staples or tacks, especially useful when laying a breather membrane or vapour control layer during construction of a new roof.
Something to consider when choosing a stapler/tacker is the size of the staples or tacks that can be used. The length of the staple/tack used is an indication of the power of the device.
Some tasks like building decking require extra force to drive the nails or tacks into the thick wood. When this extra force is required an air nailer is just the ticket. Powered by an air compressor, which as the name suggests compresses air, forcing it through an airline into the air nailer and propelling the nail at speed into the material.
If lots of repetitive stapling is needed, a good solution is an electric stapler. It fires staples by just pressing the trigger, making light work of even the biggest tasks.

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Wiring Cable/Tacker for Low Voltage Wires Only

Suitable for fastening low voltage wires, i.e. television/radio aerial cables and telephone leads. Use 10 and 14mm cable/wiring staples when tacking low voltage wiring cables. Can also be used as... more

Stock No: 63639 Part No: ST3/B View more
Heavy Duty Staple Gun/Tacker Set

Expert Quality, heavy duty model with adjustable power control and slip-on stitch anvil. All steel construction with a nickel plating and a soft grip handle. Uses 6 to 14mm staples and is supplie... more

Stock No: 63638 Part No: ST1/B View more
General Duty Staple Gun/Tacker

Compact yet robust dual-purpose tacker, which coverts to staple gun. The pressed steel body has a 2-tone painted finish and is attached with a PVC soft grip handle. Suitable for flat crown staples... more

Stock No: 63660 Part No: ST2/B View more

Light yet robust, dual purpose. Pressed steel body with an ergonomic handle, safety lock system and adjustable power control. Uses 6-14mm staples or 14mm 'I' nails (supplied separately).... more

Stock No: 63650 Part No: ST5/B View more
Staple Gun/Tacker Kit

Robust three - way staple gun/tacker. The durable all steel body has a 2 - tone painted finish and is attached with a PVC soft grip handle. Suitable forflat staples 4 - 14mm, 7.6mm staples 10 - 14m... more

Stock No: 70411 Part No: ST6/B View more

Suitable for a wide range of DIY applications including upholstery. Uses 4, 6 and 8mm long light duty staples and is Supplied with 200 x 8mm staples. Display packed.... more

Stock No: 56027 Part No: STO/1 View more
Heavy Duty Staple Remover

For the removal of large heavy gauge staples. Large metal anvil with ergonomic plastic handle. Display packed.... more

Stock No: 43275 Part No: SR1 View more


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