Flex Coil

Flex Coil

Stock No: 80903


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Flex Coil

Induction Heating Tool Kit 1.75kW

Easy to use induction heater, operated by simply installing the appropriate coil type and placing over or around the ferrous metal for heating. Induction heaters are safer and more economical to us... more

Stock No 80808 Part No. IHT-15
Flex Coil

Direct Coil, 19mm

Stock No 80901 Part No. IHT-15/19MMDC
Flex Coil

Direct Coil, 26mm

Stock No 80902 Part No. IHT-15/26MMDC
Flex Coil

Pad Coil

Stock No 80906 Part No. IHT-15/PC
Flex Coil

Direct Coil, 15mm

Stock No 83161 Part No. IHT-15/15MMDC
Flex Coil

Direct Coil, 20mm

Stock No 83162 Part No. IHT-15/20MMDC
Flex Coil

Direct Coil, 23mm

Stock No 83163 Part No. IHT-15/23MMDC
Flex Coil

Direct Coil, 32mm

Stock No 83164 Part No. IHT-15/32MMDC
Flex Coil

Direct Coil, 38mm

Stock No 83165 Part No. IHT-15/38MMDC
Flex Coil

Direct Coil, 45mm

Stock No 83166 Part No. IHT-15/45MMDC
Flex Coil

Side Coil, 15mm

Stock No 83167 Part No. IHT-15/15MMSC
Flex Coil

Side Coil, 20mm

Stock No 83168 Part No. IHT-15/20MMSC
Flex Coil

Side Coil, 23mm

Stock No 83169 Part No. IHT-15/23MMSC
Flex Coil

Side Coil, 32mm

Stock No 83170 Part No. IHT-15/32MMSC
Flex Coil

Side Coil, 38mm

Stock No 83171 Part No. IHT-15/38MMSC
Flex Coil

Side Coil, 45mm

Stock No 83172 Part No. IHT-15/45MMSC
Flex Coil

Side Coil, 19mm

Stock No 83173 Part No. IHT-15/19MMSC
Flex Coil

Side Coil, 26mm

Stock No 83174 Part No. IHT-15/26MMSC


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