What's on your Autumn to do list?

3rd Nov 2020

What's on your Autumn to do list?

Golden leaves, cooler temperatures and wet weather mean the season of autumn has well and truly arrived. Here’s a quick look at some of the home and garden maintenance jobs you can do at this time of year, plus some handy tools and tips to help.

Autumn garden tidy up

On those drier open days it’s a good opportunity to mow the lawn – it could be your last chance to do this before winter sets in. Similarly, trimming the hedges is an important autumn job.

Keep on top of fallen leaves

If there’s one thing that symbolises autumn, it’s fallen leaves! Try to keep on top of these as they start coming down, rather than leaving them until it’s a bigger problem. We’ve got plenty of tools to help including leaf blowers, leaf grabbers, rakes and more.

Winter prep

Winter won’t be far away so it’s a good idea to start preparing for this inside and out. Bleeding your radiators is key job to tackle ahead of colder months. Likewise, you could look at topping up loft insulation and draught proofing to ensure your home is warm and cosy.

In the garden, autumn is a good time to strengthen and repair gates or fences in case of winter storms and adverse weather. It’s also worth trying to to keep drains and gutters free of fallen leaves.

Which jobs will be top of your to do list this autumn? Let us know if the comments or on social media.

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