Keep cool and carry on

9th Jun 2021

Keep cool and carry on

Temperatures are set to soar, with reports that the UK could see 30-degree sunshine later this week. While the warm weather is great for barbecues and beach trips, it can make for very uncomfortable working conditions, especially for those of us working from home.

Beat the heat with a fan

If you’re suffering with the heat indoors, a fan can really make a big difference. Draper Tools has a great range of fans to suit all spaces, see the full selection here.

You could keep your home office space cool with a Draper Desk Fan. With three speeds and a 90-degree oscillating tilting 3-blade head, it offers much-needed, effective cooling for your workspace.

For some relief on hot days and muggy nights try the powerful Draper Tower Fan, it’s operated by remote control and features three speeds with a built-in timer and oscillation function.

For larger spaces, there are several industrial fans and wall mounted fans available to offer essential cooling indoors, whatever the environment.

Chill out with a mobile air conditioner

For the ultimate cooling experience at home, the Draper Tools Mobile Air Conditioner is a worthwhile investment. It's a powerful and quiet mobile air conditioning unit with Class A energy efficiency rating. The improved cooling efficiency isDraper Tools Mobile Air Conditioner Stock No: 56124 achieved by the unit's ability to recycle condensed water. It's a real hero for the heatwave and comes fitted with a remote control 24-hour programmable timer and automatic diagnostics function. It's ideal for rooms measuring around 12-18 square metres. The unit has four castors for ease of movement and a multi function remote control, it's simple to use and operate around the home.

Stay safe, hydrated and happy in the heat

We hope you’ll be able to enjoy the warm weather this week, remember to follow government guidelines and advice from the NHS to keep yourself and others safe. Here’s a quick checklist for the forthcoming heatwave:

  • Getting dehydrated is one of the biggest issues associated with a heatwave, so make sure you’re drinking enough fluids. Avoid the alcohol and sugary drinks as these can dehydrate you further.
  • Watch out for signs of heatstroke and overheating, check out the NHS website for guidance on this.
  • Everyone is at risk from heat-related health problems but it’s especially worth looking out for those who are vulnerable – consider the elderly, infants and of course pets too. Never leave pets in a hot car.
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen if you are going outside and remember to reapply it regularly as directed.

Visit the NHS summer health pages or Met Office's heat health pages for more advice to keep you comfortable and safe in the heat.

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