All buckets are suitable for a multitude of trades, including bricklaying, plastering, groundwork and a host of other building site activities. Our buckets not only have universal appeal they are just as useful for specialised undertakings like transporting powders, paints, gardening products, toiletries, household products, DIY materials, home brewing, fishing baits, household storage and much more.

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25L Plasterers Mix ing Bucket

Thick rigid plastic construction with metal handle. Easy to clean and robust when knocking out used plaster. Sold loose.... more

Stock No: 12100 Part No: PLASTBKT View more
14 Pocket Bucket-Shaped Bag

Multi - pocket nylon bucket - shaped bag with reinforced carrying handles, five internal pockets and eight external pockets. Fits to all standard shaped 12L buckets. Drawstring closure for security... more

Stock No: 02984 Part No: BB14 View more
Galvanised Steel Bucket (12L)

Robust and durable multi-purpose bucket. Manufactured from galvanised steel, providing added endurance. Suitable for garden use and a host of other everyday uses.... more

Stock No: 53241 Part No: GB14 View more
Multi Purpose Flexible Bucket - Yellow (26L)

Multi-purpose rubber tubs made from polypropylene, with an added strengthening agent for providing extra durability. Perfect for carrying water, sand, building and garden rubbish. Ideal for use aroun... more

Stock No: 65362 Part No: MPFB/26Y View more
Bucket - Yellow (14.8L)

Good quality polyethylene with metal carrying handle. Sold loose.... more

Stock No: 10636 Part No: BKT/Y View more
Bucket - Black (14.8L)

Good quality polyethylene with metal carrying handle. Sold loose.... more

Stock No: 31687 Part No: BKT View more


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