Cooling System

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Draper Expert Universal Cooling System Pressure Test Kit (5 Piece)

This capless tester uses the universal cone adaptor system to seal and pressurise the cooling system. Adaptors may be used to replace both screw and bayonet type cap fittings. The hand operate... more

Stock No: 53591 Part No: URPTK View more
Universal Cooling System Vacuum Purge and Refill Kit

Expert Quality, dramatically reduces cooling system refill time by preventing air-locks thus avoiding time-consuming cooling system bleeding. Plugs into air line then attaches to the cooling system t... more

Stock No: 09544 Part No: CAV1 View more
Anti-Freeze Tester

For testing methanol and ethylene glycol. With green and white scales. Green scale should be used when the engine is hot and white scale should be used when the engine is cold. Testing range:... more

Stock No: 01053 Part No: AFT-2B View more


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