Vehicle Cleaning

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Telescopic Washing Brush, 3000mm

For cleaning vehicles, boats, paintwork, conservatories etc. Has on/off water control feature and snap-on hose connector. Display packed.... more

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Vehicle Pressure Sprayer, 10L

A lightweight pump action sprayer with an 8L working capacity, capable of continual spraying. Ideally suited for spraying a variety of liquids. Fitted with a comfortable shoulder strap. Supplied wit... more

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8 Pattern Spray Gun with 100ml Reservoir

Eight pattern gun with trigger grip handle and reservoir to hold liquid soap. Reservoir holds 100ml/3.1/2 oz of liquid with control button to alter mix. Ideal for washing cars. Nozzle can be adjuste... more

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Chamois Leather, 2.5 Sq. ft, Large

For cleaning windows, car paintwork and other similar surfaces. Natural oil-dressed chamois leather. Display header card.... more

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Wide Telescopic Squeegee and Sponge, 200mm

200mm neoprene rubber blade on one side and foam sponge on other. Twist and lock handle. Hanging display card.... more

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Long Handle Washing Brush

Soft bristles with a lightweight plastic handle. Sold loose with swing tag.... more

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Bucket, 14.8L, Yellow

Good quality polyethylene with metal carrying handle. Sold loose.... more

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2 in 1 Microfibre Car Wash Mitt

Double sided tight fitting mitt. Its chenille microfibre side aids the removal of dirt and grime while the mesh side enables easy removal of stubborn marks without scratching the surface. Packed o... more

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Bucket, 14.8L, Black

Good quality polyethylene with metal carrying handle. Sold loose.... more

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Synthetic Sponge

Tough foam, ideal for washing down walls prior to painting or decorating, or for washing vehicles. Shrink wrapped with label.... more

Stock No: 40418 Part No: SJ View more


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