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Carpenters Ratchet Brace

Carpenters Ratchet Brace

Chrome plated frame with four jaw chuck suitable for bitstock shanks. Plastic handles. Sweep: 255mm. Display packed.... more

Stock No: 13840 Part No: 404
8mm 5/16

8mm 5/16" Chuck Double Pinion Hand Drill

A general purpose double pinion drill with a plastic back handle, with easy-grip feature and plated three jaw chuck. Chuck capacity 8mm - 5/16". Display packed.... more

Stock No: 13838 Part No: 4900
8mm or 3/8

8mm or 3/8" Chuck Pistol Grip Hand Drill

The pistol design of this drill with fully enclosed gears make it particularly suited for use in educational facilities. This model features bit storage in handle and a three jaw chuck. Chuck capacit... more

Stock No: 13841 Part No: 4899
Spare 8mm / 3/8 Chuck for 13838 and 13841 Hand Drills

Spare 8mm / 3/8 Chuck for 13838 and 13841 Hand Drills

Stock No: 21386 Part No: Y4900 4899


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