Ignition Tools

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Vehicle Key Fob Tester

Expert Quality, detects radio and infrared wavelengths from vehicle key fobs and remote controls helping diagnose potential faults on the emitters. Operates between 418MHz and 434MHz. Carton packed.... more

Stock No: 24446 Part No: KFT View more
VW Coil-On-Plug Puller

Expert Quality, for hooking under the ignition coil pack for easy removal. Suitable for use on VW Polo/Golf 1.4L, Caddy 1.4L, Beetle 1.4L, Passat, Touran 1.6L, Phaeton, Transporter, Lupo 4 cylinde... more

Stock No: 23254 Part No: COPP/VW View more
H.T. Tester Set (4 Piece)

High tension testers suitable for quick checking of petrol H.T systems. Each tester contains a flash tube indicating whether H.T voltage is present. Capable of individual or multiple cylinder faul... more

Stock No: 80727 Part No: 1179/B View more


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