Metal Pipe Cutters

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Ratchet Pipe Cutter 6-23mm

Expert Quality, adjustable tubing cutter with handle and hardened steel blade. Designed for work in restricted areas as well as normal use. Spare cutting wheel Supplied. Display packed.... more

Stock No: 69731 Part No: RTC View more
3 - 30mm Capacity Tubing Cutter

Expert Quality, adjustable tubing cutter with diecast body, hardened steel blade and two flare groove rollers. The adjusting knob also incorporates a retractable reamer and spare cutting wheel... more

Stock No: 10580 Part No: TC28 View more
Mini Tubing Cutter (3-22mm)

Adjustable, for small bore tubing or in - situ applications where space is limited. Diecast Aluminium body, hardened steel blade, two flare groove rollers and deburring reamer in adjusting knob... more

Stock No: 10579 Part No: TC16 View more


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