Scarifiers and Lawn Rakers

When the weather's mild enough for grass to grow and there's adequate rainfall to germinate the grass seed, then scarifying, the process of giving a lawn a vigorous comb with a spring-tined lawn rake or scarifier makes a key difference to the health and appearance of your lawn. It works by raking/scratching through the sward, which breaks up the soil surface and divides the tufts of grass. This process encourages fresh regrowth from runners and side-shoots helping thicken up the turf. So if you wish to renovate your lawn, choose one of our scarifying or aerating machines, they’re designed for this very reason and deliver every time.

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320mm 2 in 1 Lawn Aerator/Scarifier (1100W)

Maintain your lawn in pristine condition with this 2 - in - 1 lawn aerator/scarifier. Featuring 5 x adjustable working depths, two easily interchangeable cassette drums, easy carry handle, adjustabl... more

Stock No: 92674 Part No: GLAS1100D View more


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