Vacuum Testers

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Vehicle Vacuum Gauge Testing Kit

Expert Quality, designed to help locate and identify faults on vehicles. Applications include fuel, ignition, ignition transmission, air conditioning, fuel lines, emissions, vacuum brake and clutc... more

Stock No: 68714 Part No: VAC1A View more
Vacuum Testing Kit (19 Piece)

Compatible with most vehicles and includes a comprehensive kit for bleeding brake and clutch units. Also suitable for fault finding common issues including; air conditioning, fuel, transmission, turb... more

Stock No: 35891 Part No: CTEVG2 View more
Vacuum Pump Kit (6 Piece)

Compatible with most vehicles and suitable for fault finding common issues with; air conditioning, fuel, transmission, brake systems, turbo waste gates, valve stem oil seals, ignition and emissions... more

Stock No: 35892 Part No: CTEVG3 View more
Vacuum and Pressure Test Kit (5 Piece)

Compatible with all petrol engines. Suitable for fault finding, including air leaks, incorrect valve timing, low turbo boost pressure, engine misfires, low engine compression, advanced/retarde... more

Stock No: 35881 Part No: CTEVG1 View more


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