Water Timers

Our water timers save the user time, hassle and help save money from their water bill. So with a choice of water timers to choose from, which water timer do you need?
A mechanical timer is perfect for simple hose and sprinkler setups or perforated irrigation hoses. Just set the run time and put your feet up, the water will switch itself off when the time’s up.
Electronic timers are best suited for irrigation and drip watering systems. The ball valve timer is a good ‘set and forget’ system, ideal for morning and evening watering times and for when you’re away on holiday, the battery life is around 5 months as well. For the pros, the solenoid timer is your best bet, with a higher quality valve and an extended battery life, the solenoid water timer delivers time and time again.

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Electronic Solenoid Water Timer

Expert Quality, single outlet electronic water timer, providing flexible watering frequency and length of watering session possibilities. Attached with a manual override, clear LCD screen for easie... more

Stock No: 36754 Part No: WTSOL1 View more
Electronic Ball Valve Water Timer

Single outlet electronic water timer, capable of delivering one or two watering sessions per day. Attached with a clear LCD screen for easy setup and operated by 2 x AA batteries (sold separately)... more

Stock No: 36750 Part No: WTBV1 View more
Mechanical Water Timer

Single outlet mechanical water timer. Functions just like an egg timer with up to 120 minutes watering time. Fixes directly to tap and easily sets to turn water on/off while attached to the tap... more

Stock No: 36748 Part No: WTM1 View more


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