Stainless Steel Screwdrivers

Due to the composition of stainless steel, it resistance to corrosion being its main quality, its suitability to fixings used within food and drink environments, sanitary industries and hygiene critical establishments like hospitals is highly advisable, and provided it is treated correctly, the finish and hygienic properties will remain. The best way of retaining these qualities is to use tools, which themselves are made of stainless steel. Using stainless steel screwdrivers will negate the unavoidable cross contamination that ferrous based tools cause, as inevitably some migration of tool particles to the fixing occurs, which rust on its surface, destroying the appearance as well as the cleanliness. Since ferrous tools are frequently chrome plated, there’s also the likelihood that chrome plate debris will contaminate the work area. Therefor, for best results, if the fixing your working on is stainless steel use a stainless steel screwdriver to retain its qualities.

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Stainless Steel Engineer's Screwdriver Set (5 Piece)

Professional Quality, screwdrivers with patented Quatrolit° soft grip handles. Ergonomic shape for secure holding. Solvent - resistant handles with hang - hole. Blades manufactured from stainles... more

Stock No: 49129 Part No: 583 S5K-ST View more


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