Garden Sprinklers

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3-in-1 Oscillating Sprinkler

Fully adjustable to allow just enough watering where you need it. Fitted with flow control and 3 spray options: 19, 12 or 6 hole to suit a variety of garden areas, including large and small lawns... more

Stock No: 25089 Part No: GWOS-3IN1 View more
17 Hole Oscillating Sprinkler

17 hole sprinkler with position oscillation adjustment. Manufactured from strong impact resistant ABS plastic and aluminium. Fitted with an adjustable spray pattern facility. Supplied with 1/2" BS... more

Stock No: 36865 Part No: DGOS View more
Impulse Sprinkler

Waters circles or part circles up to a radius of approximately 14M. Made with a high quality metal construction and fitted with a zinc spike for added stability when in use.... more

Stock No: 25091 Part No: GWIS View more
Oscillating Sprinkler

17 hole sprinkler made from impact-resistant plastic and capable of adjustable spray patterns. Supplied with 1/2" BSP hose adaptor and sprinkler hole cleaner.... more

Stock No: 01022 Part No: GOS/B View more
Revolving 3-Arm Sprinkler

Manufactured from impact-resistant plastic. 3 arm revolving plastic sprinkler with 33cm diameter plastic base. The adjustable arms enable changing angles for pattern, speed and coverage up to a radiu... more

Stock No: 27757 Part No: GWRS View more


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