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Distance Measure/Stud Detector with Laser Pointer

This handy instrument has an easy-to-read LCD display for measurements and audio function when studs in walls are detected. Built-in calculator works out areas, volumes, metre/feet conversions... more

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Combined Metal, Voltage and Stud Detector

Expert Quality, Detects live and dead electricity cables, metallic water pipes, nails and wood studs in partition walling. Buzzer sounds when objects are located. Maximum depth penetration; live A... more

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Infrared Thermometer

Easy to use 12:1 ratio infra-red thermometer. Compact and portable tool enabling professionals to diagnose heating/cooling problems and monitor the temperature of electrical motors, electrical panels... more

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Damp Detector

Hand-held instrument for detecting rising and penetrating damp in foundation walls, floors and timbers. Also suitable for checking dryness of surfaces prior to papering or tiling and also that wood i... more

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Moisture Meter

Perfect for measuring water content in wood, plaster and concrete. The LCD display shows moisture content as a percentage. Also able to measure ambient room temperature. Battery included. Displa... more

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Combined Metal, Voltage and Stud Detector

Detects live or dead electricity cables, metallic water pipes, nails and other metal objects and wood studs in partition walling which can be located without causing surface damage. Maximum dept... more

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600V Socket and Voltage Testers

Non contact voltage tester. Suitable for identifying live wires, broken wires and fault finding. Voltage detection between the range of 200-600V. Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (sold separately). 13 am... more

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6 - 24V Auto Probe DC Power Circuit Electrical Tester

This auto probe carries out tests on DC automotive electrical circuits from 6V up to 24V quickly and efficiently. It is ideal for detecting short circuits and locating bad earths. It is also great fo... more

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Battery, Bulb, Fuse and Continuity Tester

Multi-purpose tester for dry cell 1.5V batteries (AAA, AA, C, D and button-type), 9V batteries (PP3 /6LR61), household and automotive fuses, bulbs (with bayonet fitting and push/screw type torch ligh... more

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Plain Slot Multi-Functional Tester, 135mm

Multi-functional tester with plain slot blade for checking wiring without dismantling or having any contact with live parts. Manufactured to the latest UK and European specifications with integra... more

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In-Line Ignition Spark Tester

Diagnose faults quickly and accurately with this hands-free ignition spark tester. New to the Draper range, it features a 57mm probe length and 43mm clear inspection tool that instantly shows whethe... more

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9V Multi-purpose Battery Tester, AAA, AA, AA, C, D, and Button Cell

Handy battery tester suitable for AAA, AA, C, D, PP3 and button cell batteries. Display packed.... more

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