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82mm Electric Planer (750W)

NEW 82mm Electric Planer (750W)

Features:   Expert Quality,   3mm cutting depth,   Aluminium base,   Rebating facility,   Two side chip extractio... more

Stock No: 83638 Part No: PL750
Storm Force® 82mm Planer (480W)

Storm Force® 82mm Planer (480W)

Features:   Adjustable width guide,   HSS reversible cutting blades,   Dust extraction facility,   Supplied with: spanner, 3M (approx.... more

Stock No: 14955 Part No: PT482SF
82mm Electric Planer (900W)

82mm Electric Planer (900W)

Features:   3mm cutting depth,   Aluminium base,   Rebating facility,   Parallel fence,   Dust extractio... more

Stock No: 57564 Part No: P900D82


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