Brake Bleeding

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Pneumatic Brake Bleeder Kit

Expert Quality, for use on vehicles unable to have brakes bled by the suction method and ABS systems. The pre-chargeable low-pressure 20psi portable tank ensures connectivity to most vehicles with... more

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Brake Bleeder Adaptor Kit

Expert Quality, single person operated brake bleeder for a range of popular vehicles with ABS systems and for vehicles unable to brake bleed by the suction method. Can also bleed hydraulic clutches... more

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Pneumatic Brake Fluid Extractor

Expert Quality, ideal for one person operation. For the extraction of brake fluid from hydraulic systems - especially those with complex ABS systems, using a compressed air supply. Waste brake flui... more

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Universal Clutch and Brake Bleeding Kit (7 Piece)

Expert Quality universal clutch and brake bleeding kit. A comprehensive 6 piece spanner set suitable for most brake and clutch hydraulic units. Colour coded bleed nipples provide easy identification... more

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Vacuum and Pressure Test Kit (22 Piece)

Expert Quality, compatible with most vehicles. Kit includes comprehensive equipment for bleeding brake and clutch units. Also suitable for fault finding common issues with; air conditioning, fuel... more

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Pump Action Brake Bleeder

Expert Quality, pump action manual brake bleeder ideal for one person operation on vehicles unable to be bled using suction methods. Fitted with pressure gauge, release valve, spring loaded hos... more

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Universal Brake Bleeding Kit

Expert Quality, one person hand-operated kit that allows fluid to be drawn from the bleed nipple allowing either bleeding or full replacement of system on cars, vans, trucks and motor bikes. Magneti... more

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Universal Brake Cap Adaptor

Expert Quality, the unique stepped cap fits the brake-fluid reservoirs on most cars and light commercial vehicles. Supplied with quick connector and used in conjunction with Pneumatic Brake Bleede... more

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