Electricians Tool Kits

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Automotive Electricians Tool Kit

Comprehensive kit for automotive electricians.... more

Stock No: 03564 Part No: DTKBLUEEK View more
Electricians Tool Kit

Comprehensive kit with robust lacquered sheet steel four tray cantilever tool box size 530 x 200 x 210mm.... more

Stock No: 89756 Part No: DTKELEC View more
Electricians Tote Bag Tool Kit

Comprehensive kit for electricians.... more

Stock No: 04319 Part No: DTKELECTKTB View more
Electrician's Hole Saw Kit (12 Piece)

This electrician's heavy-duty hole saw kit features a range of accessories and variable pitch bi-metal hole saws, suitable for cutting steel, brass, bronze, cast iron, aluminium, wood and plastics... more

Stock No: 99325 Part No: HSE/12 View more


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