Induction Heating

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Liquid Cooled Induction Heater (3.5kW)

Expert Quality, high powered, high specification, liquid cooled industrial induction heater. Designed for industrial workshops where controlled, safe and efficient heating of ferrous and som... more

Stock No: 76171 Part No: IHT-30 View more
Induction Heating Tool Kit (1.75kW)

Expert Quality, easy to use induction heater, operated by simply installing the appropriate coil type and place over or around the ferrous metal you wish to heat. Each kit is Supplied with... more

Stock No: 80808 Part No: IHT-15 View more
Focus Coil-Inclined

Stock No: 12040 Part No: AIHT2 View more
Focus Coil-Side

Stock No: 12041 Part No: AIHT3 View more
Focus Coil-Straight

Stock No: 12042 Part No: AIHT4 View more
Induction Heater Coolant (5L)

Stock No: 01062 Part No: AIHT View more
Focus Coil-Straight With Extender

Stock No: 12039 Part No: AIHT1 View more


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