As every professional mechanic and DIY user will testify, reliable, high quality sockets and accessories are essential for a whole host of automotive tasks, and at Draper Tools we’ve developed a highly engineered range specifically designed for professional use. Included within these ranges are sockets, socket sets and accessories with three distinctive finishes Satin, Micro Satin, and Fully Polished. All our sockets have a knurled band providing extra handgrip. Our socket sets also have the same high quality finishes and come in 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, and 1” sizes.

As specialist socketry providers, we also supply a comprehensive collection of impact socketry for use with impact wrenches and air compressors, ideal for automotive use, just the ticket when extra torque is required. We also supply a vast range of specialist automotive socketry which includes AdBlue® Filter Sockets, Diesel Injector Sockets, Drive Shaft Sockets, Fuel Filter Sockets , Hub Nut Sockets, Oxygen Sensor Sockets, Spark Plug Sockets and Wheel Nut Sockets.

Included in our socket set range are the ‘GO-THROUGH’ series, incorporating distinctive hollow socket technology, which allows the fixings to pass through the head and avoid the depth restriction of conventional sockets and ratchets. The slim profile design and overall height is reduced by as much as 50% and the width by 20% when compared against standard sockets and ratchets, whilst the thin wall and arch design of the sockets increase driving torque by up to 40%.

We also provide a range of fully insulated VDE approved sockets, socket sets and accessories. All are fully insulated and designed to protect against the inherent risks associated with high power hybrid and electric vehicles, and each component has been tested to 10,000V for safe 1000V AC and 1500V DC live working, before being individually certified to EN 60900.

The Draper Expert Multi-Drive® socket sets have specially designed 12 point multi-drive sockets, which can be used on hexagon, Draper TX-STAR® and Spline fixings, making them ideal for maintenance teams who need a multi-purpose socket set.

With the options of both metal cases and sturdy plastic storage cases we’re sure there is something for everyone in our socket set range. But that’s not all, not only do we have a comprehensive range of sockets and socket sets, we also have a complete range of accessories too. Consisting of 'T' Handle Socket Wrenches, Universal Joints, Extension Bars, Sliding T Bars and Flexible Handles.

So whether you’re tinkering under the hood of a classic car or undertaking day-to-day automotive maintenance our range of market leading socketry fulfils the needs of even the most demanding of mechanics.


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