1/4" Socketry

As most automotive technicians will testify, the area under the bonnet of modern cars is getting tighter and tighter, and as this space has become compressed the use of 1/4” drive sockets has become essential, as they’re able to access nuts or fixings, which are simply to small for larger 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" drive sockets.

Available in both metric and imperial sizes, our 1/4" sockets come in three distinct finishes, Micro Satin, Satin and Polished Chrome. All have a knurled edge allowing extra handgrip to be applied, which is really useful for 1/4” sockets as they’re more likely to be finger tightened.

Although 1/4“ sockets are smaller than our other sizes, the Draper Tools 1/4” socketry range is developed and highly engineered specifically for professional use. This manufacturing quality is carried through all our socketry accessories too, and our complete range of accessories consists of Extension Bars, Flexible Handles, Bit Holding Sockets, Ratchets, Retaining Bars, Bit Sliding 'T' Bars, Socket Converters, Spinner Handles and Universal Joints.


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