Hand files are an essential tool for smoothing a range of materials including metals, woods and plastics. All our files are made from high carbon steel and heat treated so they stay sharper for longer. Used in engineering workshops, fabrication units and by a host of professional trades people including carpenters, engineers, mechanics etc. They come in a variety of shapes and abrasive coarseness’s. The coarseness of files is graded according to the roughness of cut. The file with the least harsh cut is graded as smooth, whilst the most abrasive of files is graded as bastard. This coarseness is applied to a variety of different shapes the main ones being hand files, used for general filing, half round files used for filing curved surfaces, three square files useful when filing tight corners and angles and square files which fits into corners well. Some are attached with a safe edge, where the file doesn’t have teeth on one edge, useful when used on grooves or rebates. Also available in the Draper Tools files section is a collection of needle file sets, perfect for precision work, warding files, which are ideal for delicate work and farmers’ files for robust everyday filing. To help keep files clean and clog free (which helps maintain their filing capability) just use a wire brush to clean the after use.


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