Tool Storage

Whether the environment is indoors or outdoors, choosing the right tool storage solution can be overwhelming. For instance a DIY user will need a different storage solution than professional automotive technicians. With this in mind where should you start?

The best starting point is to analyse your tools and what they’re mostly used for. A carpenter for instance, will probably have a large collection of hand tools, which need to be carried around in a van, so a good starting place is a tool box, or tool bag and because they’re portable they can be easily transported from job to job. But not all carpenters tools fit into a tool box, some like mitre saws. are to big, getting them from job to job isn’t a problem in a van, but because of the size and cost, keeping them safe can be. With this in mind a storage box/contractor box can be bolted into a van or pick up, providing extra security and piece of mind.

So as just illustrated, choosing a storage solution for the right situation is paramount. A workstation is not the same as a roller cabinet and different trades need different solutions. An automotive workshop may require a roller cabinet/tool chest combo, fitted with EVA Insert Trays, perfectly designed for keeping tools stored securely, but a garden shed may only require some storage bin units.

When all is said and done, the best place to start is to check what tools you have and what they are used for. Whatever the situation we offer a wide range of space-creating storage solutions for workshops, garages, industrial sites, sheds and everywhere in between.


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