Electricians Tools

As everyday knows depending on the trade someone is in depends on which tools they will need. For instance a carpenter needs different tools than a bricklayer. An electrician is no different, requiring a host of specialist tools including VDE tools. But where is one to start when choosing professional electricians tools, the best starting point is to start with the essentials.

There is not much an electrician can do without having a good VDE screwdriver set; it’s essential for a host of day-to-day tasks. Alternatively a VDE interchangeable screwdriver can be used. This type of screwdriver has the benefit of a traditional screwdriver set but as the blades are interchangeable the set can be easily rolled and stored away. If working a lot with MCBs than a better option is an adjustable torquing interchangeable VDE screwdriver, which is perfect for meeting the 17th edition wiring regulations regarding over tightening of MCB connections.

But before an electrician touches anything electrical (even with VDE equipment), out pops a tester, the first thing an electrician is taught is to check whether a cable is live or not.

After a tester and VDE screwdrivers a good quality plier/cutter is essential, used for practically every task this will probably be the most used tool in an electricians toolbox.

These tools are a good beginning when starting out but over time an electricians toolbox will require more and more specialised equipment like crimping tools or wall chaser for instance

As you can see there is lots to discover and our selection of specialist electrician tools provides a comprehensive assembly of tools and equipment designed specifically with the professional in mind.


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