Auto Express Magazine Best Buy – Draper 7 Pattern Spray Gun, Stock No.25342

Draper 7 Pattern Spray Gun 25342 awarded best buy

AutoExpress Magazine performed a product test on a range of hose spray guns and gave our 7 Pattern Aluminium Spray Gun (stock no.25342) their “Best Buy” accolade.

… It was a clear win for the versatile aluminium and brass Draper. Second and third places were closer and the choice would be a case of balancing the price of the Aqua against the convenience of the Verve.

Draper 7 Pattern Aluminium Spray Gun (stock no. 25342)

Stock Number: 25342

BEST BUY THIS is the direct descendant of the 79985 six pattern spray gun that won our test in 2013. The only one here of a mostly metal construction, the Draper felt really well made and solid, unsurprisingly. Its seven modes were perfectly tuned to car work, offering various sprays that suited most cleaning situations. The jet was particularly powerful, blasting out to 6.5 metres and making light work of mud in the wheelarches. It’s not cheap, but it did provide the best combination of quality and usability.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

AutoExpress – December 28 2017.