The Evolution Revolution

Three Tonne Evolution Trolley Jack

Looking for a jack with magnetism, curves and a sturdy build? Look no further than this Evolution Trolley Jack, brand new from Draper.

Three Tonne Evolution Trolley Jack (stock number 70811)

Powerful Twin Pistons

The sophisticated design of the jack is certainly eye-catching, but this tool is by no means style over substance.  The large and powerful twin pistons enable the saddle to be raised to a full height of 580mm with just four and a half strokes of the extra long EVA foam protected handle.  The internal magnetic filtration system ensures the pump’s hydraulic oil is consistently kept free of contaminants, thus ensuring a remarkably long life.  Also adding to this jack’s longevity and durability are the five grease nipples. Most standard jacks will have just one grease nipple on the lifting arm – Draper’s Evolution Jack has this plus two on both axles, meaning its moving parts are always greased, to prolong the service life.

The low-profile concept means this jack can be used with a vehicle as low as 100mm and the non-marking bumper will protect the bodywork from any damage occurring whilst you are raising or lowering the car. The universal joint release provides precise load control in any handle position, particularly important for a smooth descent.

Top of the Range

Finally, with its robust steel construction, including the wheels, this top of the range jack is designed to last.  This is why it is covered by our three year warranty on parts and labour, no self-respecting workshop should be without one.

Draper is evolving – are you?

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