Land Rover Monthly Magazine award PRO CHOICE to Draper Carbon Steel Mini Plier Set, Stock No.33057

Land Rover Monthly recently conducted tests across a range of pliers and awarded our Carbon Steel Mini Plier Set (5 Piece)  the coveted PRO CHOICE product test award.

Draper Carbon Steel Mini Plier Set (5 Piece)

Stock Number: 33057

“Draper’s mighty midgets top our pliers test podium. But as the shortest tool is still 125mm, and the longest 150mm, they’re more compacts than true minis. Well-shaped handles and great grips mean they fit better in the hand than many larger tools, and smooth-sprung jaws aid ease of use. The cranked long-nose and end-cut pliers are handy additions to the combi, long-nose and side cuts found in most kits.”

“The Draper 33057 set wins with its blend of versatility, quality and ease of use.”

Land Rover Monthly, March 2019.