The Nation’s Top Ten DIY Jobs

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Many of us having been turning to DIY lately, using the extra time at home to tackle put-off jobs or simply trying to stay busy. We recently surveyed 2,000 UK adults to find out what the top jobs on their DIY to-do list were during lockdown (as well as which jobs they find most satisfying).

Spring cleaning

According to our research, tackling garden jobs and spring-cleaning tasks are the top priority in UK households at the moment. In fact, 2 in 5 people say they plan to spring clean their homes and almost the same number are hoping to have a declutter soon. More than a quarter of the population have goals to tidy up their garages and sheds too.

Garden maintenance

The most frequently cited job on the nation’s to-do list was simply ‘tidying up the garden’, while over a third of people have weeding to do. Mowing the lawn, garden planting, pruning and cleaning the patio were also among the top ten jobs to do.

Painting & decorating

It’s not all about the outdoors though, a quarter of people would like to paint rooms or furniture inside the home.

Here are the top ten DIY jobs on the nation’s to do list:

  1. Tidying up the garden
  2. Spring cleaning
  3. Decluttering
  4. Weeding
  5. Mowing the lawn
  6. Planting bulbs, seeds and plants
  7. Tidying the shed or garage
  8. Painting rooms or furniture
  9. Cleaning the patio
  10. Pruning

Will you be tackling any of these tasks? Let us know in the comments and keep on tagging us in your DIY projects on social media, we love seeing what you’re all up to.

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