New 1250W Induction Heating Tool

NEW Draper 1250W Induction Heating Tool Stock No: 99798

An induction heat tool can make a very handy addition to the workshop for tasks such as freeing seized nuts, bolts and other fastenings, quickly and safely. If you’re looking to add one to your kit, the brand new Draper Expert 1250W Induction Heating Tool is a great, energy-efficient option.

Easy to use induction heater

This easy-to-use induction heater is operated by simply installing the appropriate coil type and placing over or around the ferrous metal for heating. The heat produced is confined to the fixing, instead of spreading to other areas around it, minimising the risk of damaging seals and gaskets. It can also be used on components attached or removed from vehicles. This simple process requires less preparation and setup time, while also reducing the cost of consumables, gas bottle hire and storage.

Stand out features

A key feature that sets Draper’s new induction heater apart from other models is its two cooling fans, which allow it to have a longer duty cycle between cooling off periods.

Designed for use by professional technicians in garages, workshops and engineering facilities, this 1250W induction heater is portable and supplied in a convenient carry case with four different shaped coils. Pick one up today and start saving time on a range of jobs, available from several Draper Tools stockists now.

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