Pruning Tools: Bypass or Anvil?

Draper Tools Bypass Pattern Secateurs (210mm) Stock No: 45317

A pair of Draper bypass secateurs in action

Pruning is an important part of the gardening cycle, promoting healthy new growth and removing dead branches or stems. But where should you start? Different plants can be pruned at different times of year, so be sure you’ve checked when is the right time.

If you’ve been thinking about investing in tools to help with pruning jobs, you might have seen a lot of refences to loppers, pruners and secateurs as well the words ‘Bypass’ and ‘Anvil’ in front of these. It can seem confusing – but there is actually quite a simple explanation.

Anvil or Bypass? What’s the difference?

Anvil pruning tools work like a sharp blade coming down on to a chopping board, or an anvil. Whereas bypass pruning tools are more like scissors with two blades that pass by (or bypass) each other. Once you know, it’s easy to remember the difference – but what is each one used for?

Anvil pruning tools

Anvil pruning tools deliver a sharp, efficient cut. You can cut a much thicker diameter with less effort with anvil action tools. They are most commonly used when the cleanness of the cut isn’t important, such as with dead wood. Using anvil secateurs on live plants, where sensitive plant material could be crushed or damaged is not usually recommended.

Here are a few anvil action tools we recommend:

Telescopic Soft Grip Anvil Ratchet Action Loppers With Aluminium Handles – these are Draper Expert quality with extendable handles for reaching high branches.

Deluxe Anvil Secateurs – also part of the high quality Draper Expert range, these deliver a superior long lasting performance whilst giving a silky smooth operation.

Non-Slip Anvil Secateurs – these feature SK5 high carbon steel blades with a non-stick coating and spring loaded handles and thumb-lock to help secure blades in the locked position.

Bypass pruning tools

Bypass pruning tools are much more suited to use on living plants, use them correctly and you won’t damage the plant. Bypass pruners tend to be more common for the majority of gardeners who may be pruning roses bushes or other living plants. They’re an easy to use tool and work just like a strong, sturdy and extra sharp pair of scissors for the garden.

Here are a few bypass action tools we recommended:

Telescopic Soft Grip Bypass Ratchet Action Loppers With Aluminium Handles – award winning and Draper Expert quality with extendable handles and soft grips, enabling you to reach up high with ease.

Bypass Secateurs With Ash Handles – part of the Draper Heritage range, with a traditional style and built to last.

Soft Grip Bypass Pattern Secateurs (215mm) – these will deliver a smooth clean cutting action every time and are fitted with soft grip handles, for comfort even when used for prolonged periods.

Plenty of pruning tools

When it comes to pruning tools Draper Tools is a one stop shop for all your needs, offering everything from loppers to secateurs, pruning knives and even pruning saws.

Check out helpful websites such as The RHS advice section for pruning guidance on specific plants.

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