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You may have spotted us in the news and on social media talking about young people and gardening (check out our full research findings here). We’ve had some help on social media from some amazing young gardeners, who have all been sharing their gardening journeys with us. Here’s a chance to get to know the faces featured in our #SowMuchMore campaign.


Draper Tools research reveals gardening is officially cool

“My name is Lydia and I’m a personal trainer studying herbal medicine, I’m a no dig organic grower and I use a mix of organic methods. I’m very lucky to be the guardian of a small patch of land. I’ve slowly been transforming it from an over compacted piece of ex farmland into a giant food jungle. Gardening is my joy, my therapy and a huge part of my life. The older I get the more it seems to be taking over my life and I’m just wilfully allowing it because I’ve never found joy like that of which plants bring me.”

You can follow Lydia on Instagram here @yourogranicpt. 

Tom + Daisy

“I’m Tom and I’m a gardener in the West-Midlands. I’m also sometimes Daisy Desire who happens to be my drag persona. I’ve been gardening for just over 2 years now, when I first got my allotment, I fell in love instantly. I never realised how therapeutic gardening could be and how it nurtures your soul. I think in this time of Covid, it gives something to smile at. You don’t have to take it too seriously, drag and gardening, and I really do think it just really helps people to get through the day sometimes, just having something to smile at.”

Follow Tom and Daisy Desire on Instagram here @dragqueen_gardener


“My name’s Ingrid and got into gardening when we moved into our current house, which has got a really nice patio that’s a bit of a suntrap. So I planted a few vegetables and kind of got addicted from there. What I love about gardening is growing my own food and vegetables mostly. I love that you can just plant a seed and then after a few months it grows into some really yummy vegetables, organic vegetables that you can then harvest and cook your dinner with! If you grow the things you love, you’ll get the most reward out of them and the most enjoyment out of them. From there you can continue growing your love for gardening.”

Follow Ingrid on Instagram here @Ingrid_grows_and_eats

Plant Savers

“We’re Matt and Caleb and we are PlantSavers. We started PlantSavers in April 2020, just a few weeks after some of the news that came out around all the plants and plant nurseries across the UK sitting there and possibly going to waste. So, we decided we wanted to do something about this, to get plants to people that were locked down at home. We also donated plants to good causes as well, from community gardens all the way to NHS and public services. It’s a small thing but it can make a difference to someone’s day.”

“We wanted to do something to make a difference for British business and nurseries but also the many thousands of people locked at home. We also want to try and contribute to the community as well. So, from all PlantSavers purchases we actually donate to a number of different charities and partners across London and the UK.”

Find out more about PlantSavers online at plantsavers.co.uk and follow them on Instagram at @plantsaversUK

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