Nozzle for 78636 Torch

Nozzle for 78636 Torch

Stock No: 80884


The Draper Expert range is our benchmark for quality. Manufactured for the professional or for industrial use and comes with our guarantee.

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Nozzle for 78636 Torch

Ceramic Shroud for 78636 Torch

Stock No 80883 Part No. A-IPC40/41-28
Nozzle for 78636 Torch

Electrode for 78636 Torch

Stock No 80885 Part No. A-IPC40/41-30
Nozzle for 78636 Torch

Spare Ring for 78636 Torch

Stock No 80886 Part No. A-IPC40/41-31
Nozzle for 78636 Torch

230V Plasma Cutter Kit (40A)

Features: Expert Quality, Microprocessor controlled inverter technology, Suitable for cutting any electrically conductive material, Input current 32A, Thermal overload protection, Supplied with plasm... more

Stock No 85569 Part No. IPC41
Nozzle for 78636 Torch

230V Plasma Cutter (25A)

This plasma cutter features microprocessor-controlled inverter technology making it suitable for cutting any electrically conductive material. It is a robust machine with an integrated air regulato... more

Stock No 92454 Part No. IPC25


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