Brake Bleeding Kit (93025)

Brake Bleeding Kit
Product Description

Designed for one-person operation for bleeding brakes. Simply push the supplied tube onto the bleed nipple and slightly loosen the bleed nipple, then depress the brake pedal slowly, which expels air and contaminated brake fluid, lock off the bleed nipple and then slowly release the brake pedal. Repeat this process until all traces of air in the tube have disappeared. The hose is fitted with a one-way valve preventing air returning into the brake lines whilst bleeding the brakes. 500ml capacity square bottle with a superior quality 600mm silicon hose.

  • Brake bleeding kit
  • Designed for one-person operation for bleeding brakes
  • Fitted with a one-way valve
  • 500ml capacity
  • 600mm silicon hose
1 x Brake Bleeding Kit


12 months

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