Rigid Towing Brace, 2000kg (99654)

Rigid Towing Brace, 2000kg
Product Description

Rigid towing bar with a secure multi-position push locking system. There are three sections. The strong vehicle attachment hooks have a sliding multi-position locking system using pin and R-clip secured by a chain. Capable of towing a vehicle weighing up to 2000kg (2 tonne). Length between hooks is 1.84m. Manufactured to TUV/GS standards. Supplied with warning flag, 'ON TOW' sign and storage bag.

  • Secure locking tow hook attachment
  • Multi-position push locking system
  • Manufactured to TUV/GS standards
  • Maximum 2000kg
  • Supplied with storage bag, warning flag and 'ON TOW' sign
Rigid Towing Brace, 2000kg - 99654_fe2.jpg

Secure locking tow hook attachment

Rigid Towing Brace, 2000kg - 99654_fe3.jpg

Multi-position push locking system

1 x Storage bag
1 x ON TOW sign
1 x Warning flag
Total length 1840mm
Diameter 26-39mm
Maximum rated load 2000kg


Consumable Warranty

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