Exacting Standards Of Quality Assurance

Skilled technicians inspect our products for quality assurance at all stages before and after delivery. Vigorous testing and evaluation is performed on all products at our UK and Far East quality assurance facilities to ensure compliance to international standards and European Directives as applicable.

Investing In Testing Equipment To Ensure The Quality Of Our Products

Our Quality Assurance Department continues to invests in equipment for RoHS X-ray Fluorescence Testing to state of the art Digital Hardness Testing and Magnetic Crack Detection. Both latter test processes are crucial to ensure the British and European standard safety requirements are met, particularly on hammers, sledge hammers, chisels and other striking tools.

X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Tester

We test for hazardous substances in our electrical products for compliance with the RoHS Directive.

Torque Testing

This machine is used to ensure our range of Socketry and Spanners meet or exceed the requirement of the relevent standards.

Magnetic Crack Detection

We look for cracks and imperfections in the manufacturing process

Load Testing

We load test our range of Jacks to ensure they meet the load required.

Digital Hardness Tester

We test our range of striking tools to check they are correctly hardened.

Torque Wrench Analysing

We use this equipment to ensure the accuracy of our range of Torque Wrenches.


Draper Tools are manufactured to international standards of quality and safety, that's why you can rely on our products.

Find Out More About The Standards Our Products Conform To:

Quality Management - ISO 9001

This is a quality management standard which is synonymous with quality and good working practice.

View our ISO 9001 Certificate

Environmental Management - ISO 14001

This is an Environmental Management System, which provides a framework for managing environmental impact, which enables us to be more efficient and reduce costs.

View our ISO 14001 Certificate


BSI Group

This is a quality management standard which is synonymous with quality and good working practice.

In 1901, the BSI Group began life as a committee of engineers determined to standardise the number and type of steel sections that were available to make British manufacturing more efficient and competitive. Today it still works to standardize systems to make companies more efficient and competitive.

Find out more about BSI Group

SGS Group

Founded in 1878, the SGS Group is one of the largest verification, testing and certification organizations in the world. The SGS mark is recognized as a global benchmark for the highest standards of expertise, quality and integrity, providing monitoring and verification services for international trade in consumer products, agricultural, mining and petroleum products as well as certification and services to governments and institutions.

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