Garden watering in the summer months

1st Jul 2022

Garden watering in the summer months

The hotter it gets, the more water lawns and plants need not only to grow but also to stay healthy. So the higher temperatures in the summer months mean watering is essential.

It’s important to prevent the ground from becoming too dry for water to soak down and do any good – even rain may bounce off if there’s been prolonged bouts of warm weather. So establishing a watering routine and continuing to water throughout the summer months is crucial.

Fortunately, there are all sorts of tools to help the gardener, not only to make the watering process as easy as possible, but with an eye to conservation and ensuring it’s done as environmentally responsibly as possible.

Summer lawn TLC

Along with mowing, watering is key to creating and maintaining a healthy lawn.

If unwatered, the soil in the first few inches below the surface will start to dry out, and the grass plants will no longer be able to support the green leaves. Brown patches will then start to appear, particularly in the most walked on and used areas. The first three inches of soil need to be kept moist so that water can seep down below the surface to the root zone.

Advice is that if any one day has had less than 20 minutes of continuous rain, it’s time to water, and to water for 20–30 minutes.

Using a sprinkler is therefore an excellent way to water a lawn, as it can be set up and left to do its stuff. Sprinklers mimic the natural fall of rain, and the spray helps to reduce puddling.

And as with most gardening tools and pieces of equipment, there are many different types of sprinkler available to suit the many different types and size of lawn, watering need and gardener.

An oscillating sprinkler will water to the left and right, covering a more square area than that of a rotary sprinkler which uses a rotating motion. The oscillating sprinkler can be particularly convenient when watering square lawns. It just depends on the areas you want to water.

There are choices for the number of heads and nozzles and range of spray, with adjustable features adding to the flexibility.

Sprinklers can be set up and moved to wherever needed and positioned to treat only the areas required. And, as with many things, too much “love” can be damaging. Overwatering in one area can lead to surface puddling and the moisture not reaching downwards.

Going on holiday? There’s no need to worry about the lawn, as timers can ensure the sprinklers turn on and do their stuff even when you’re away.

Summer plant TLC

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) says: “Watering is key to growing plants well,” and that getting watering right, “not only means providing the water our gardens need, but using it wisely.”

The hose has long been a gardening mainstay, with the availability of hoses with reel and cart making life even easier for the gardener.

And have you thought of a spray gun? Spray guns make light work of common gardening watering tasks. Our 7 Pattern Aluminium Spray Gun has even won a BBC Gardeners' World 'Buy Buy Award'. This spray gun has also been given an Auto Express Best Buy award as it’s perfect for cleaning the car as well.

Different planting methods and different plants need different methods of watering. For example, containers generally need more watering as they will dry out more quickly than borders. Some plants need water applied at the base, and the simple watering can is just what you need. Backpack and knapsack sprayers are extremely useful for focused watering in larger areas, and a simple hand spray bottle is perfect for those delicate plants.

Morning and evening watering

Whatever method of watering you choose, your size of garden, your type of plants or your layout of lawn, watering during the daytime should be avoided as the water will more easily evaporate in the hotter temperatures. Watering in either the early morning or evening is fine, although the RHS recommends the early morning as the grass and plants will benefit from the water throughout the day.

Check out your local stockist for even more ideas for keeping your garden healthy during the summer months. 

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