Winter Car Care Checklist

17th Oct 2023

Winter Car Care Checklist

Winter car care checklist

With temperatures dropping and driving conditions getting worse, it’s vital to prepare for the challenges the winter season brings. A few straightforward checks, together with having the right tools, can significantly reduce the risks in the garage and on the roads.

Bring batteries back to life

Winter puts additional load on vehicle batteries with cold starts, so keeping some suitable booster cables handy is a must. A great investment to keep your battery in tip top condition year round is a Smart Battery Charger & Maintainer – these clever devices will not only charge your battery, they’ll extend its life, plus analyse and recondition it too. They can even be used on deeply discharged (aka dead) batteries.

Improve winter vision

Poor weather conditions and the darkness make it difficult for drivers to see in winter, so make time to keep your lights and windscreens clean and clear and of course, checking they’re working too. It’s a good idea to clean your windscreen inside and out for best possible visibility. Don’t forget to add the right anti-freeze additive into your vehicle’s screen wash and check the condition of your windscreen wipers. It’s often the small jobs and simple checks that make a big difference to driver safety.

Light up the dark nights

Keep a torch in your car, you never know when you might need it. Head torches and magnetic inspection lamps are a great idea for hands free working if you need to have a look under the bonnet in the dark.

Kit out your car

According to the RAC, call outs increase significantly when the weather turns cold, so it’s a good idea to ensure you’re prepared for the worst. In addition to a torch, make sure you have a warning triangle, warm clothing and hi-vis clothing in the car too. The Draper Tools Folding Steel Shovel is also ideal for the boot of the car in case you find your wheels stuck in mud or snow.

Give your tyres some TLC 

Tyre condition can really affect vehicle performance, so tyre care is especially important in winter. Tyre pressure should be checked more regularly as cold weather can see tyre pressure dropping. Tread depth is equally important, at least 3mm tread depth on your tyres is recommended for winter motoring and sometimes more if you're driving abroad.

Keep warm and carry on

If you’re planning any vehicle maintenance during winter, having the right gloves for the job can really make difference to your working conditions. Invest in some heavy duty gloves for maximum warmth and practicality, whether you’re cleaning the car or checking
your tyres.

If you’re considering a heater for the garage, an electric space heater is a worthwhile investment. Opt for an energy-efficient PTC model to warm up your space quickly and efficiently. 

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