Autumn garden jobs

After a bit of an odd summer, many of us are still trying to cling on to it – but there’s no denying autumn has officially arrived this week. So it’s time to turn your attention to garden tidy up jobs and autumn maintenance. Here’s a look at some top jobs to do now and across the next few weeks.

Autumn planting

There is still plenty that can be planted around the September to October time, including vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower and winter salad leaves. Herbs such as chives, dill and parsley can be grown on windowsills too. Don’t forget about spring flowering bulbs – October is a great time to plant your daffodils. And, while you’re thinking ahead to next year, consider the bees and butterflies and sow some wildflowers seeds to keep them happy in spring.

Pruning, cutting and chopping

Cut back any perennials that may now have died down and prune climbing roses once they’ve finished flowering. Need help with tools for job? Draper Tools has all your pruning needs covered with Anvil and Bypass Secateurs available (if you’re not sure which you need, check out our handy guide). For bigger pruning jobs there is also the 3 Piece Lopper, Shears And Secateur Set and the Folding Pruning Saw with its super sharp teeth.

If the autumn chill has set in and you’re planning to chop logs and firewood, make sure you’ve got a safe, sturdy and reliable axe. The brand new Draper Fibreglass Axes make great additions to any tool shed.

Give composting a go

Composting is a great way to tackle food waste and it’s fantastic for your garden plants and soil too. If you’ve been tempted to try composting, now’s the perfect time to start. At it’s most basic, you don’t need much other than the space and some wet and dry ingredients such as leaves, vegetable peelings, branches, bark and twigs. Simply mixing and leaving will eventually result in compost. However, this process can take up to a year, to achieve nutrient rich compost more efficiently, try a compost tumbler. The Draper model will give you compost in around 6-8 weeks, all you have to do is regularly rotate the tumbler.

Keep on top of fallen leaves

If there’s one thing that symbolises autumn, it’s fallen leaves! Try to keep on top of these as they start coming down, rather than leaving them until it’s a bigger problem. We’ve got plenty of tools to help including leaf blowers, leaf grabbers, rakes and more.

Last chance to show the lawn some love

On the drier days, mow the lawn, it could be your last chance before winter. You’ll need to ease off once the cold winter weather sets in. So whether you love it or loathe it, get the mower out for one final trim this year. If you’re in need of a new mower, you’ll find both petrol and electric mowers available from Draper Tools.

Which jobs will be top of your to do list this autumn? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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