All-Season Windscreen Shield (06536)

All-Season Windscreen Shield
Product Description

This all-season dual-layered aluminium windscreen shield is perfect for use in any season as it is rain, frost, ice and snow-resistant, and it also gives protection against dust and acts as an ultraviolet sunshade. It is fitted with the silver side facing upwards and is lightweight and quick and easy to install, using side flaps which are trapped between the front doors.

  • Protects against snow, rain, frost, dust and sun
  • Dual layered
  • Quick, easy installation using side flaps
  • Fitted with silver side facing upwards
Size W 230 x H 90cm
Thickness 2.5mm
Grade 53gsm
Weight 120g
1 x All-Season Windscreen Shield


Consumable Warranty

For further information please visit our warranty page.

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