Battery Drop Tester, 100A (08087)

Battery Drop Tester, 100A
Product Description

This battery drop tester is suitable for testing 6V and 12V lead acid batteries up to 100A. It applies load across cells by an internal switchgear, so no sparking. Simple to use on/off load switch. Fitted with an easy-to-read colour-coded voltmeter with a scale from 0-16 volts. Lightweight steel construction with integrated handle and heavy duty clamp holders (330mm cables).

  • Tests up to 100A
  • Includes heavy-duty clamps with 330mm cables
  • Suitable for testing 6V and 12V lead acid batteries
  • Easy-to-read colour-coded voltmeter
  • Integrated handles for portability
  • On/off load switch
Battery type Lead acid
Maximum capacity 100Ah
Voltage 6V/12V
CCA range 200-1,000
Load simulation 100A
Maximum duty cycle 10s on, 60s off. No more than three tests per 5mins
1 x Battery Drop Tester, 100A


12 months

For further information please visit our warranty page.

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