Piston Ring Compressor, 50-175mm, Height 3" (08443)

Piston Ring Compressor, 50-175mm, Height 3"
Product Description

This piston ring compressor gently compresses piston rings into position, reducing the risk of damage to components during installation. It is key operated with a ratchet mechanism and safety valve to allow secure rapid compression and control. Made from tempered spring steel, and complete with a steel tensioning key. Simple thumb release locking mechanism. Capacity 50-175mm (diameter). Height 3".

  • Spring steel clamp
  • Includes steel tensioning key
  • Ratchet mechanism with safety valve
  • Thumb release locking mechanism
  • Capacity 50-175mm (diameter)
Capacity 50-175mm
Height 3
Weight 240g
1 x Piston Ring Compressor, 50-175mm, 3"


12 months

For further information please visit our warranty page.

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