Bicycle Pedal Wrench, 15mm (14115)

Bicycle Pedal Wrench, 15mm
Product Description

This pedal wrench has an open end for loosening and tightening bike pedals. It is a strong and durable tool to add to a cycling toolkit for regular maintenance. The 238mm-long length enables good leverage, making removing the pedal easier. With a comfortable non-slip handle for maximum grip. There is a hang hole in the handle for easy storage.

  • Open-ended pedal wrench
  • Extra-strong and durable construction
  • The 238mm-long length provides good leverage
  • Comfortable non-slip handle
  • Hang hole in the handle for easy storage
Jaw 15mm
Length 238mm
Weight 0.214kg
1 x Bicycle Pedal Wrench, 15mm



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