Drill Powered Pump (33081)

Drill Powered Pump
Product Description

Plastic bodied pump for use with portable electric drill of 400W or more. Acetal copolymer body with stainless steel internal parts. Running speed 2000 - 3000r/min. Delivery rate approximately 2497 - 2591 litres per hour. Maximum head height 15M. Supplied with 1 set of spare washers and vanes. Bore I/D 16mm.

  • Copolymer plastic body with stainless steel internal parts.
  • Ideally suited for emptying fish tanks, paddling pools, waterbeds etc. and can be used in small scale flooding.
  • Delivery rate at 2497-2591L/hr at 2000-3000r/min.
  • Maximum head height 15M.
  • For use with drills of 400W power or more.
  • Supplied with mounting bracket, spare seal, inlet filter, 3 x 50mm plastic rod (spare vanes).
  • Important: The pump is not suitable for pumping petrol or other flammable liquids.

Not suitable for use with volatile solutions, i.e glycol , methyl, etc.


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