Variable Speed Mini Milling/Drilling Machine, 350W (34023)

Variable Speed Mini Milling/Drilling Machine, 350W
Product Description

Bench mounting Mini milling/drilling machine which will handle most materials. Incorporates a working table with T slots to enable clamping or workpieces and metric graduated compound scales. Column tilts from 0 - 45° from vertical. No - volt switch to prevent accidental switch on and approved three pin cable and approved plug.

  • Bench mounted
  • Handles most materials
  • Working table with T slots
  • Metric graduated compound scales
  • Column tilts from 0-45°
  • No-volt switch
  • Approved plug and cable

No-volt switch

Cross Axis;Drilling Capacity;End Milling Capacity;Face Milling Capacity;Headstock Travel;High Spindle Speed;Longitudinal Axis;Low Spindle Speed;Spindle Taper;Spindle Tilt Axis;Table Size;Throat Depth;T Slot;Weight;100mm;13mm;16mm;30mm;180mm;100-2500r/min;220mm;100-1100r/min;MT3;±0-45°;390 x 92mm;170mm;12mm;60kg



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