Pocket Analogue Multimeter (37317)

Pocket Analogue Multimeter
Product Description

Handy pocket analogue multimeter for use in electrical and automotive applications. Supplied with test probes, a crocodile clip probe set is available separately. Measures AC and DC Voltage, Measures DC current, Measures resistance, 16 position

  • Measures AC/DC voltage, DC current and resistance
  • 16 position rotary function and range selector
  • Supplied with test probes
  • Recessed input terminals
  • Battery check facility

IEC61010 Specifications

1 x Pocket Analogue Multimeter
2 x Test probes & leads
AC Current N/A
AC Voltage 10V/50V/250V/500V
Automatic Power Off N/A
Battery 1 x AA
Capacitance N/A
DC Current 550uA/10mA/250mA/10A
DC Voltage 2.5V/10V/50V/250V/500V
Diode on/off Test N/A
Dimensions 64mm x 35mm x 102mm
Duty Ratio N/A
Dwell N/A
Frequency N/A
Resistance (Ohms) 10Ω/1kΩ
Size 64 x 100 x 35mm
Symbol Unit Data Hold N/A
Temperature Range N/A
Weight 100g (approx.)



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