Long Handled Grass Shear with Wheels (37795)

Long Handled Grass Shear with Wheels
Product Description

These long handled lawn shears enable effortless, easy and accurate cutting of lawn edges. The blades are rotatable by 180-degrees enabling horizontal or vertical cutting. They have a non-stick coating to help maintain their perfect cutting performance and chrome plating for corrosion protection. The long upright shaft enables the user to cut grass without leaning or bending over to reduce back strain. The handles are made from fibreglass which is ergonomically shaped to create a comfortable grip. The large wheels enable smooth maneuverability and help maintain a constant cutting height.

  • Rotatable 180-degree blades for effortless work
  • Non-stick coated blades for perfect cutting performance
  • Handle for upright working position to protect the user from back strain
  • Ergonomically shaped handle for a comfortable grip
  • Large wheels for ease of gliding and maintaining a constant cutting height
1 x Long Handled Grass Shear
Dimensions 130 x 8 x 24.5cm
Weight 896g



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